What Are Meta Hamsters?

In a magical universe, where Hamsters ruled the metaverse. 151 ambitious Meta Hamsters started a new search for a better world. They huddled, rolled, and raced their way to a new place called "Hamsterworld" where they have started to build a new colony in Hamsterville. With community engagment, Sandbox builidng, and enhanced utilites the Meta Hamsters are just starting to build the biggest Solana blockchain NFT project in the Metaverse.

The Meta Hamsters public sales opens on Saturday, January 29th, 8pm EST.

The Team


There are 100+ traits, a table showing each trait and its rarity % will be released after mint.



This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take Meta Hamsters Ecosystem. We have a lot of ideas and concepts that we are working on. It may evolve over time and hopefully become even better!

Sandbox Land

- Start the development of our SandBox Land(-13-14) Called HamsterWorld


- Donate $10,000 to the Humane Society, save the animals!


- Giveaway five 1 of 1 Meta Hamsters to random owners

Members Merch

Members only Merch Store


- Automatically whitelisted in our NFT/Crypto learning campaign


- Each Meta Hamster owner will be airdropped a VX verison of their hamster

Hamster Game

- Development of our Hamster Ball game in Hamsterville. A series of go-kart racing with adding community vote on the themes.


151 Wild Meta Hamsters roaming the streets of Hamsterville, spinning around in the hamster ball searching for their purpose in the Metaverse.

Public Mint Starts: Saturday, January 29th, 8pm EST

The roadmap 1.0 consists of 7 total missions that we all come to life. Trust the proccess. We want this project to Succeed.

Yes, we want the community involved as much as possible. We could even hint a DAO in the futire.

We Hope to have the project be hosted on a Solana Marketplace Like "Solanart"

Solana is slowly becoming a bigger Blockchain. With faster transcation fees, and less gas fees. We want the public to have a fair chance without hurting the pockets. We belive Sol will be right with Eth.